Application Cases Of Ti Alloy Materials Such As Ti Forgings, Ti Alloy Tubes, Ti Alloy Rods And Gold In The Field Of Leisure Sports

According to statistics, 16% of the total titanium is used in sports and leisure products, is the third largest application of titanium, sports equipment, titanium is used: golf clubs, heads, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, fencing masks, swords, sprint nails, mountaineering tools, skis, ski shoes, skates, diving suits, fishing gear, tent pole and so on. The following is a typical application case of titanium and titanium alloy in leisure sports.

golf club, ball head

Titanium Gore club, ball head is still used in the civil field of titanium-pillar, the world’s manufacturers seem to have produced golf clubs and heads. Golfers always want to play with bigger clubs. Titanium has a small specific gravity and strength, so it can make the head bigger without increasing the total weight of the club. In a wide range of experiments, the hit rate of the titanium head of the golfer is 20% higher than that of the steel head, and the hitting distance is increased. At present, the larger golf head requires its surface to be very thin, so it needs surface material to be very durable. SP-700 New Type developed by Japanese Steel Pipe Company Titanium alloy has high strength and good formability. It has recently been used as the surface material of Taylor 300 series golf head and sold well in golf market.By Rowlyn Metal

tennis racket, badminton racket

At present, the application of titanium in tennis racket is mainly to bury pure titanium net into racket frame. In this way, not only the instantaneous inertia of tennis racket is improved, but also even when the ball does not hit the center of the racket, it is easy to hit the ball, which enhances the hitting power of the racket and is well received by the users. In recent years, Japanese titanium tennis racket market demand is on the rise. Now, almost all tennis racket manufacturers in Japan are selling titanium rackets, which account for about half of the racket market. In order to divide the grade, each manufacturer produces the racket according to the characteristics of titanium, at the same time, the titanium-nickel superelastic alloy is also used in the handle of the tennis racket. Materials and coating processing, etc., to develop new uses of titanium. Recently, the use of titanium springback to enhance the batting effect has attracted much attention. Some Japanese companies are recently developing new titanium fiber materials for tennis rackets. The alloy is a shape memory alloy with superelastic function. Even if it is deformed under load, the external force will be restored to its original shape immediately after the external force is eliminated. Baisheng Metal buried this material on the left and right sides of the racket handle, which can significantly increase springback when hitting the ball. And tennis racket-sample, also developed frame pure titanium, long handle made of titanium table gold (Ti-3Al-2.5V) badminton racket, and has been commercialized.By Rowlyn Metal

Racing bicycles

Bicycle manpower drive, because it needs to be very light, especially in cars that consider the speed of the race, if the weight of the car is reduced by 1 gram, it can buy 1/1000 seconds. The average bike uses 36 strips, while the titanium bike uses 24. It not only reduces the weight, but also reduces the resistance to the wind. Titanium and titanium alloy, first from the parts, Italian Campagnolo company has used titanium and titanium alloy to manufacture a variety of zero 07.jpg parts of racing bicycles, including: packaging transmission pin, left nut, no pin crank shaft, front and rear hub shaft, left and right pedal shaft, etc. . Litespeed makes bicycle frames out of titanium, which weigh an average of 2.5 pounds and cost $2800 each. Titanium frame is lighter, more comfortable and longer than chromium-Mo alloy frame. Over the past four years, industrial pure titanium tubes made of Ti-3Al-2.5V titanium alloy have been popular, costing between $1600 and $3,500 each, and the entire bike costs $2400 and $6000. At present, nearly 50 companies produce titanium bicycles, and the United States is already the largest producer and consumer of titanium bicycles. Baisheng Metal is now widely used in cycling all over the world. Titanium bicycles are especially suitable for high-grade bicycle sports, so the sales volume of titanium bicycles is also gradually increasing.By Rowlyn Metal

Racing cars

Because of its excellent physical and mechanical properties, titanium has been used in racing cars and limited production of exotic sports vehicles. The application of titanium in automobile industry can greatly reduce the weight of automobile, reduce its fuel consumption, protect the environment and reduce noise. The characteristics of titanium have been well reflected in the car. Almost all the metal parts of the car can be made of titanium and titanium alloy, such as bolts, connecting rods, rockers, buffer rear supports, exhaust pipes, return pipes, valve springs, brakes, sensing components and so on. In addition, titanium can also be used for surface painting, and has been used to improve the surface performance of brake panels, which can ensure that the quality of brake panels is light. The life span is long. Titanium can prolong the service life of valve, spring and connecting rod in automobile.By Rowlyn Metal

Other sporting goods

Mountaineering and skiing equipment are developing in the direction of lightweight and miniaturization. Titanium material has the characteristics of light specific gravity, high strength, high impact value at low temperature and so on. As a superior mountaineering and skiing equipment material, it has been widely used, such as titanium alloy mountaineering stick, mountaineering sole nail, rock climbing fastener, ski stick, skate knife and so on. Titanium sporting goods also include fencing protective masks, swords, fishing rods, fishing wire frames, rowing parts, injection molding Ti-Fe series soles for track and field running shoes, etc. At present, titanium for sports goods in China is still in its infancy, and there is still a big gap between the process and technology and the advanced level of foreign countries. In 2005, the generating equipment was still relatively backward. At the same time, it also shows that China has great potential for growth in this regard.By Rowlyn Metal