The Application Of Embracing The Ocean – Revealing The Titanium(Ti) Alloy To The Ship

The 21st century, called the “the century of the ocean”, is a century in which mankind strode to the sea and explodes and explodes the ocean. The material for engineering to the sea must have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, high toughness and the like, and the titanium metal is light, high-strength and corrosion-resistant, is a high-quality light structural material, is called a “marine metal”, is particularly suitable for light-duty marine engineering equipment, and is one of the key materials in the field of ocean engineering.By Rowlyn Metal

Titanium alloy is an alloy composed of titanium as substrate and other elements. It has many outstanding advantages, such as low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, non-magnetic, good impact resistance, good weldability and so on. Making hull components with titanium alloy greatly improves the performance of the equipment.The application of marine titanium alloy is mainly concentrated in Russia, the United States, Japan, China and other countries, after decades of research and development, the formation of marine titanium alloy system to meet the needs and characteristics of domestic development. By Rowlyn Metal


Russia is the earliest country in the world to develop and use marine titanium alloy, and it is also the most widely used and numerous country in marine titanium alloy. It has formed 490585686785 MPa and other marine titanium alloy products with different strength grades.Russia built the first “ALFA” class nuclear submarine in 1970, and six more in the 1970s and 1980s, each using about 3000 tons of titanium, with a maximum diving depth of 914m. It is light and fast, and has good maneuverability. The typical example of titanium used in ships is the Russian Typhoon nuclear submarine, which has the shell made of titanium metal. Because of the military needs, the double shell uses 9000t titanium, which makes it have the advantages of non-magnetic, deep submergence, fast speed, low noise, low maintenance times and so on.Titanium alloy has also been successfully used in the following components and equipment on ships: deep water riser, supply pipe, pump, filter, sea pipeline, and has been used on the series of nuclear power icebreaker Lenin, Arctic, Russia, Soviet Union and other types of ships in the former Soviet Union. The titanium steam generator on the series of nuclear power icebreakers in the former Soviet Union has been in safe use for 20 years without any serious damage.By Rowlyn Metal


The marine titanium alloy in the United States is mainly based on the aviation titanium alloy. Titanium alloys with corrosion resistance, weldability and stress corrosion resistance in seawater corrosion environment are selected, including pure titanium, Ti-0.. 3Mo / 0. 8Ni, Ti3Al2. 5V, Ti6Al4V, Ti6Al4V ELI,Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr. In addition, Ti-5Al-1Zr-1Sn-1V-0.8Mo-0.1Si and other marine titanium alloys have been developed according to the characteristics of marine titanium alloys.The use of high performance titanium alloy on ships plays a significant role in improving the mobility, stability, effectiveness and reducing hull quality of ships. In the 1990s, the United States Navy certified the following ships, including the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (CVN), missile cruiser (CG-47), the missile frigate (FFG-7), the detection ship (MCM), amphibious landing craft (LSD41CV), the landing ship, the hovercraft (LVCA), water-land Amphibious strike landing ship (LHD), rapid combat supplies supply ship (AOE-6), and the double-deck shell surveillance ship (SWATH). T-AGOS19), Coast Detection ship (MHC-51), Missile destroyer (DDG-51). These ships have used or are about to use high performance titanium alloys for seawater cooling systems, seawater systems and fire extinguishing systems, structures, propellers, sewage treatment systems, electrical components, fasteners, etc.By Rowlyn Metal


The series of deep-sea diving survey ship “deep sea 2000”, “Deep-sea 4000” ‘s shell skeleton, pressure-equalizing container, pipe, etc. started in 1981 are made of titanium alloy.Japanese marine titanium alloy is mainly pure titanium. Ti-6Al-4V,Ti-6Al-4V ELI, is mainly used in the pressure shell of deep submersible and all kinds of civil cruise ships and fishing boats.By Rowlyn Metal


The research and application of China’s marine titanium alloy began in the 1960s. After several decades of development, a complete marine titanium alloy system has been formed, which can meet the requirements of ships, submarines and deep submersibles on different strength levels.The application field involves hull structure, propulsion system, power system, electronic information system, auxiliary system, special device and so on. According to the grade of yield strength, that is, the yield strength below 490 MPa is low strength titanium alloy, which has excellent plasticity, 490 ≤ 790 MPa is medium strength titanium alloy, and higher than 790 MPa is high strength titanium alloy, which is mainly used for heat resistant and corrosion resistant parts and special machinery in ship power engineering.By Rowlyn Metal